Frequently Asked Questions

what service does your company provide?
Our company initiated btcasean invest, a btcasean research and distributor company. Recently due to massive spread of btcasean we have got high demand from our global network partners for btcasean vaccination research. So we have started our successful journy on introducing the btcasean vaccine that has high demand on current global market, started the investment platform to facilate global investors to invest in our project to earn profit on their investment.!
Who can be your customer?
Any adult person are welcome to use our service.

How can I ensure our account safe?
Please use complicated password different from any other site, and go to " Security setting" to enable "Two Factor Authentication". This will fully ensure your account in safety.
How can I start invest ?
In the "Make Deposit" section of your account, select your package, enter the amount,and click on Spend button. After that, the system would suggest you a bitcoin address where you need to send bitcoins.Once the deposit is set up, the system will start mining for you.
What payment processors do you accept?
How much can I invest here?
The mini investment is $20, and 200,000 maximum.
Do you return my principal?
NO. Principle include in package
How fast will my deposit be credited into my account?
Your bitcoin deposit will be automatically set up after 2 confirmation.
How many deposits can I have simultaneously?
You can have several deposits, we do not limit their number.
Can I make deposit directly from my balance?

How can I withdraw mined bitcoins?
Login to your account using your username and password and click "Withdraw" button.
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
The mini withdrawal is $4 ( Crypto ).pm payeer $1 If you withdraw less than this amount, we will not process it.
Do you charge any fees to withdraw funds?
No,we do not charge any fees.
After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my wallet?
It will be instantly processed.

What is the referral commission?
Our company offers 3 levels of referral commissions - 8% commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from wallet, 2nd level commission is 1%, 3rd level is 1%. If you have sucessfully join our representative plan, your referral commission is 10%-2%-1%.
May I open several accounts in your program?
NO, it is not allowed.
Do I have to have my own deposit in order to receive referral commissions?
No, it is not necessary.
What do I need to do to earn referral commissions?
You just need to register and use your referral link to attract new investors.
How can I apply for your representative?
You may find the detailed instruction hereļ¼š https://btcasean.com/?a=cust&page=affiliates